VGA Industrial Camera HD Microscope Camera HY-2308B


Model : HY-2308B
Price : US $ 0.00


1. Powerful VGA digital view output function (can directly drive CRT/LCD monitor)

2. High-definition digital imaging combination (high-definition image details can be obtained to improve observation efficiency, quality and accuracy)

3. Fully digital function control menu displayed on the same screen (easy to operate, fast and easy to understand)

4. The view is stable and flicker-free (comfortable for eye observation, not easy to fatigue after long-term work)

5. Automatically save settings (no need to repeat settings when power on again)

6. Industrial structure design, beautiful appearance


Image Sensor: 2MP 1/3 inch  

Effective Pixel: 1600×1200    

Frame Rate: 15-20

Clarity: More than 800 lines (horizontal)

Shell: Standard Iron Case 

Lens: CS for testing, customer provided   


White Banlance: Auto

Color Control: Auto

Color: Color/grayscale

Negative: Support

Mirror: Support Left and right/up and down

Freeze: Support  

OSD: English / Chinese 

Image Zoom: Support 10 times digital zoom in and zoom out, and provide keyed zoom display

Image Save: Support, according to different resolutions, up to 24 frames (512M DDR)

Image Comparison: Support static image and dynamic image 1/2 screen contrast

Edge Enhancement: Support   

Contrast: Support  

Chroma: Support 

Cross Cursor: Support, multi-color with measurement function

Vertical & Horizontal Line: Support, multi-color, two of each, position can be moved    

Digital noise reduction: Support