2.0MP HD Digital C-mount Microscope Camera Magnifier PC VGA Output Japan CMOS Chip for PCB Lab Industry Industrial Inspection


Model : HY-A190
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High Quality, High Resolution, Clear Images

900 lines Definition

Japan CMOS


Industry Cmos Camera. It can Show the live image directly on any VGA monitor or Projector.

Control function: Brightness, Contrast and color balance,saturation,sharp degrees,Cb(blue)offset,Cr(red) offset,cursor,vertical,horizontal,negative

Supply VGA output ports.

We sell much to the industy factory, then the works can see the problems directly in the Monitor.


Model: Camera with VGA AV output

Sensor: 2.0mp,1/3 inch

Full Resolution: 1600X1200 (UXGA)

800 lines Definition

VGA output: 1024X768 60Hz,1280X1024 60Hz,1600X1200 60Hz

White Balance: Auto

Package including:

1 x 2.0MPHD Camera Body

1 x Power supply