12MP HD USB C-mount Camera 1/2.3 inch SONY IMX CMOS 1080P 30FPS CCD Apater


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Model: USB Output

Sensor: 12MP,1/2.3 inch

Image equipment: SONY IMX CMOS

Sensor: 12.0MP

Full Resolution: 3840 x 2880

Frame rate:(MJPEG)3840x2880@15FPS ;3840x2160@25FPS ; 3264x2448@15FPS ;2592x1944@25FPS; 1920x1080@25FPS;1024x768@30FPS; 800x600@30FPS;640x480@30FPS

Frame rate:(YUV)3840x2880@1FPS ;3840x2160@1FPS ; 3264x2448@1FPS ; 2592x1944@1FPS;1920x1080@5FPS;1600x1200@5FPS; 800x600@20FPS;640x480@30FPS

Pixel size: 1.55μmm x 1.55μm

Programmable control:The size of the image, image photographing, exposure time, gain, GAMMA,

White Balance: Auto

Data output:16bit

Light: Auto

Electronic shutter:20-100000

White balance (dB):38.1 dB,

Color: Color

Sensitivity: 1.4V/lux-sec@550nm

Spectral response:400nm~1000nm

Package Including:

1 x 12MP Microscope Camera

1 x CCD Adapter

1 x USB Cable

1 x Software DISC