3.5X - 90X Articulating Arm Pillar Clamp Zoom Simul Focal Trinocular Stereo Microscope


Model : HY-ZS0745
Price : US $ 0.00

Series Stereo Zoom Microscope can provide crystal clear sharp images with high resolution and good depth within a broad field of view. Once brought in focus, images remains clear and sharp throughout the whole zoom range. It is widely used in electronic industry, educational demonstration and agricultural research for micro-object observation, inspection and measurement.

7x-90x super wide zoom magnification power


Magnification7X-45X, 7X-540X with optional eyepieces and objectives

EyepieceWF10X/20mm high-eyepoint, wide-field; Convenient for observers wearing glasses

Optional EyepieceWF10X/20mm

Main BodyBinocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, can be locked in any position desired

Interpupillary Distance adjustment:54-76mm; Diopter adjustment:±5 diopters

Objective0.7X-4.5X stereo zoom; Zoom Ratio:6.4:1

Aux Lens0.5X, 2X

Focusing MountA3 focusing mount with vertical working distance 50mm

Expand the scope of operation and observe the object in any direction


Vertical Post355mm

Horizontal moving265mm

Base Size380x280x10mm

With A3 Focusing Mount