HY-1070 Microscope Camera Measure Software

2019-11-29 1478
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Hayear is an application for imaging a dynamic image processing , it has the following characteristics:

     1.   Support a variety of cameras, can switch at any time to use.

     2.   Using GPU rendering for image previewing, support for live image display of high-resolution and high frame rates.

     3.    Support dynamic image measurement function.

     4.    The software interface is easy to operate.

User Interface

     1.  Toolbar:Take pictures/Recording video/Browse files.

     2.  Sidebar tab:Switching the rightmost control panels, currently provides camera control and measurement functions.

     3.  Control panel:Specific camera control and measurement operations.

     4.  Status bar:Display camera information, Change user interface view, Toggle measure result panel.

     5.  Main menu:Open setting dialog, show software information, etc.