Actual display size for each pixel range

2020-10-15 399

We know that every image is composed of many pixels, and "pixel" is the unit of image size. So how big is 41 million pixels? From the above pictures, 

we can clearly see that different pixel ranges represent the actual image size. Among them, the smallest rectangular part in the lower left corner of the picture above is the size of a 15-inch wide-screen laptop display screen. Resolution is 1280*800 pixels, equal to about 1 million pixels,

 the actual size is 34 cm wide, 21 cm long. The blue part of the image is 41 million pixels in size. The actual display size is 273 cm*189 cm. In terms of actual display area, at 72 pixels/inch resolution, 

the actual size of 41 megapixel images is equivalent to the total area of more than 70 15-inch display screens.

HAYEAR Actual display size for each pixel range.jpg

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